Program Locations

We currently have 2 physical clinic locations and 1 online clinic location where we deliver our DBT and DBT informed approaches including Radically Open DBT. Our team at the Australian DBT Institute is looking to expand our services from by the end of 2024 with locations being sought in Adelaide SA, Hobart TAS as well as additional locations in Melbourne and Sydney!

Our Melbourne DBT service is located at the Essentia Health Clinic in Brighton, Victoria! Our clinic is opposite the Gardenvale train station which is on the Sandringham line.

We do not offer walk-in assessments. Visits to our clinic are strictly by appointment only.

Melbourne DBT is a Private Psychology service and our clinicians are Credentialed DBT Practitioners providing Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (individual therapy, groups and telephone coaching) and Radically Open DBT programs which are accredited through the Australian DBT Institute.

In addition to DBT and RO-DBT programs, the clinic provides psychology, counselling and mental health services to individuals, couples and families in the Bayside region of Melbourne, Victoria as well as through Telehealth services throughout Australia.

Our well-trained and professional clinic of independent professionals is ready to help you with a range of your mental healthcare needs. Our psychologists and psychotherapists have many years of clinical experience which includes private practice, crisis assessment teams, public mental health, schools, universities and behavioural management teams. Our team is equipped to help with your ongoing health requirements, whether your needs are for a short-term illness or long-term continuity of care, our caring team will assess your needs and treat you accordingly.

Credentialed DBT & RO-DBT Practitioners at Melbourne DBT

– Dr. Peter King (Credentialed DBT Practitioner & Clinical Director)

– Dr. Lillian Nejad (Credentialed DBT Practitioner)

– Vicki Todd-Urbinder (DBT Skills Trainer & Counsellor)

Melbourne DBT’s contact details.

  • Clinic Address: 144 Martin Street Brighton VIC 3186
  • Phone: 03 8586 8488
  • Fax: 03 9923 6360
  • Email: 

New referrals through our national intake service via

More information to follow!

More information to follow!

DBT Assist is an online service of the Australian DBT Institute which supports individual participants learn DBT and RO-DBT skills through an online education portal. DBT Assist supports Mental health professionals teaching DBT & RO-DBT skills in online DBT groups, online RO-DBT Classes, and through self-paced learning. DBT Assist provides access to web-based interventions that can be classified into those that are guided (groups and individual support by mental health professionals) or those that are automated (self-paced learning with email and video prompts to assist progress through content).


DBT Assist offers online groups that are designed to be engaging and interactive to enhance an individual’s capacity to acquire DBT and/or RO-DBT Skills! Through DBT Assist individuals can attend groups online and continue with their current individual therapist or commence treatment with one of our Australian DBT Institute credentialed DBT and/or RO-DBT practitioners!

The Australian DBT Institute has developed DBT & RO-DBT programs since 2004 in locations that include Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, South Africa and the UK. Our unique approach includes using pop culture, flipped learning, journaling, group participation and educational videos to teach and reinforce DBT skills.