What is the Health Professional Clinic?

The Health Professional Clinic is held each Friday at Gold Coast DBT in Southport on the Gold Coast. The Health Professionals Clinic is a specialised private health and wellbeing service providing individualised care for mental health and health professionals. We also provide support to families and partners.

Health Professionals Clinic Services

The Health Professionals Clinic aims to improve the health outcomes and wellbeing of all individuals seeking to access our programs. We accept referrals for mental health professionals and other health professionals who reside in the South-Eastern Region of Queensland and the Northern Regions of New South Wales. We also provide support and information for health care providers as well as mental health services (Specialist EAP Program), community and professional groups.

Counselling Services
We provide psychological support with issues that relate to both personal and workplace mental health. Our therapist use a range of safe evidence informed approaches.
Ongoing Support
We assist individual mental health and health professionals in a non-stigmatising environment free of judgment and workplace KPIs. Our support is offered in a collaborative partnership with each mental health or health professional and may include counselling, coaching, mediation and/or supervision.
Clinical Mental Health Assessments
We provide a range of mental health assessment services including assessing whether an individual is fit to return to work and diagnostic assessments. as part of any assessment we explore various psychological, medical and social interventions which may assist in alleviating that distress and aide recovery.
Telehealth Services Available
To support individuals in rural and remote areas the our services are also offered through Telehealth. We use both Zoom and our internal platform Cliniko for Telehealth Sessions.
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The Health Professionals Clinic is one of the only private services of its kind, providing services for mental health and health professionals through a dedicated clinic day. Our services include Specialist Assessments, Counselling, Psychological Support, and Consultation to Mental Health Professionals. We provide fee based services which can be accessed through self-referral or referrals from health professionals. To access our services please contact our team via email (intake@dbtclinics.com) or by calling 07 5647 3438 to arrange an appointment or intake discussion with one of our specialist mental health professionals.

Care givers also need a space for support, assessment and treatment without fear of judgement!

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a common experience to feel nervous before your first appointment. Our clinic, however, is a safe space in which you can explore some very personal issues. By being honest and open, your clinician will be able to form a comprehensive understanding of your experiences and needs.


Our clinic runs from 8am until 4pm each Friday. Everyone attending this clinic day is a qualified health professional with an even number of clinicians attending for supervision, coaching and individual therapy. 


Most of all you can expect a non-stigmatising space to have your needs address by mental health professionals who choose to work specifically with other health professionals.

Teleconference appointments are available. When booking your appointments the administrative assistant will discuss the use of teleconference. The health professionals clinic uses Cliniko software or Zoom for greater security.

The Health Professionals Clinic provides mental health assessment and treatment for health professionals and their immediate families. Services include: counselling, coaching, career coaching, assessment, and supervision. 

The Health Professionals Clinic is a fee for service clinic. We continue to seek funding for individuals accessing our services and as soon as we have been successful we will be updating all our procedures and policies. 


A standard 50-60 minute consultation will have an out of pocket expense of $ 97.90 with our therapists, provided you have a GP referral. However, you can discuss the fees and rebates with us when you make your appointment.


You do not need to have a referral in order to make an appointment or if you are claiming via your private health extras fund.


In order to receive a rebate for the majority of your session fees through Medicare, you must have a 

Medicare rebate psychologist

valid referral (called a Mental Health Care Plan) from a GP, psychiatrist or a paediatrician. When you visit your doctor you will need to have our name, address, and email on hand so your doctor can make out the referral. If you do not have a regular GP, we can refer you to a GP within our network.


The following terms apply to fees at this clinic:

  1. Medicare card holders with a Mental Health Care Plan are entitled to a rebate of part of the fee for up to 20 sessions per calendar year. The fee is $230 for a Clinical Psychologist; $190 for a Psychologist and; $180 for a Social Worker or Mental Health OT. The rebate is $128.40 for a Clinical Psychologist, $87.45 for a Psychologist, and $77.10 for Social Workers and Mental Health OTs making a gap approximately $103 for all of our therapists. 
  2. Appointments 6pm and after attract a $20 premium, as do Saturday appointments.
  3. Session costs can also be offset against Private Health Extras Cover and rebates vary according to your level of cover. We work with all private health funds.
  4. If you are covered by NDIS there is generally no out of pocket cost. Some of our clinicians accept funding through DVA and TAC.

Health insurance psychologist


Cancellation Policy

We require 48 hours notice to reschedule or cancel a session without occurring any fees. This policy is in place to allow us to offer the allocated time to another client who may be on a cancellation or waiting list for an appointment. In the event that less that 48 hours notice is given to cancel an appointment or a scheduled appointment is not attended, the consultation fee may be charged unless there are extenuating circumstances. Medicare does not cover cancelled appointments.


A late cancelled appointment impacts at least three people:

* The client who is delaying their therapy progress

* Another client who has been sitting on the waiting list to see a therapist urgently

* The therapist who spent the morning preparing for the session

COVID-19 and the mental health impact on health care workers!

For more information, including a range of links, about COVID-19 and healthcare staff psychological wellbeing refer to a comprehensive overview by Library Services at St.Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne. Click her for more information

More information and the article mentioned in the video above can be found at PsychScene Hub!

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