Gold Coast DBT offers clinical supervision in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, DBT-Trauma Informed and Stabilisation Based Therapy for mental health professionals interested in working with clients with emotion dysregulation, borderline personality disorder or are seeking an approach to stabilise their clients. We also offer discpline specific supervision in Clinical Psychology, Psychology, Social Work, Mental Health Occupational Therapy, Psychotherapy and Social Work.


Our DBT Supervision is adapted from the consultation team component of dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT). The role of the consultation team is to assist in the therapeutic process by providing feedback and support to therapists. Our experience, and that of the research, indicates that therapists who participate in consultation team show higher level of adherence to DBT than those who seldom met with a team. The reality is that meeting in groups can be challenging logistically and some clinicians prefer one on one supervision. As such, through the Australian DBT Institute offers individual therapists and teams unable to schedule consultation team meetings access to online supervision through Zoom or our EMR Software Cliniko.


The following clinicians are available for online or in person supervision:

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