Thank you for your interest in our DBT and RO DBT programs! 

If you have been referred to this page, then you are at the stage of providing consent to participate in an Australian DBT Institute-accredited DBT group or RO DBT Skills Class through DBT ClinicsDBT Assist and/or Essentia Health.

Please complete all four steps below before commencing your DBT or RO DBT skills class!

Once you have expressed interest in joining our DBT or RO DBT skills classes you will need to complete our 60 minute intake session which assesses an individual’s coping. For individuals not on the NDIS the cost of this session will be $80 and for individuals on the NDIS the usual NDIS fee will be charged.


If an individual is identified as presenting with an over-controlled coping style Radically Open DBT (RO DBT) will be the recommended approach. 


If an individual is identified as presenting with an under-controlled coping style then Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) will be the recommended approach.

Consent is such a vital part of our DBT and RO-DBT programs. As both evidence-based approaches state clearly that they are voluntary treatment programs and Australian Health Professional guidelines require consent before the commencement of treatment, DBT Clinics has prepared the below online form to gain the consent of any individual participating in our DBT Groups or RO-DBT Skills Classes. 


Please feel free to send the link to this page to your individual therapist who can discuss consent with you and support the commencement of your DBT Group or RO-DBT Skills Class.



Participants will need to complete the below consent form before completing steps 3 and 4!

DBT Assist provides access to web-based DBT, DBT-TI and RO-DBT Skills. We have been continuously developing our approach with research as well as feedback of participants & clinicians since 2004. 


If you do not receive NDIS funding please register for your skills classes via DBT Assist. There is a discount for paying your term’s fees up front or you can pay your fees on a weekly basis (you will be given these options when you register for your skills class on DBT Assist.


– Click here to register for our Tuesday Night DBT Skills Group

– Click here to register for our Tuesday Night RO DBT Skills Class

– Click here to register for our Thursday afternoon Youth DBT Skills Group

– Click here to register for our Thursday Night DBT Skills Group

– Click here to register for our Monthly Thursday Night DBT Graduate Group


If you receive NDIS funding or are unable to pay via credit card please advise admin to register you on DBT Assist via email to

Individual Therapy is a vital part of a DBT program. All individuals participating in our DBT skills classess and RO DBT skills classes are expected to have ongoing individual therapy. If you do not have an individual therapist then DBT clinics has a range of therapists available. 

Intake & Referrals via phone, email, or medical objects

  • – Phone: 07 5646 3811
  • – Fax: 07 5676 6771
  • – Email:
  • – Medical-Objects referrals to Dr. Peter King (5949971K)


DBT & RO DBT Consent Form

If you currently have a Psychologist, Social Worker or Counsellor please provide their details. If you do not have a therapist please type "No current therapist"
Your individual therapist remains your primary therapist throughout your DBT or RO-DBT Program.
If no additional needs or preference leave this blank or type "Nil"
Once you have indicated your payment method you will receive access to DBT Assist which provides you with all the skills class materials. If you have any issues with payment please call admin on 03 9586 8488 or email
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 5 files.
Upload your mental health plan or referral from your GP or Psychiatrist if you have referral documents. If you have previously provided these details no need to send them through again.
To consent to attending our DBT Groups please tick ALL boxes above. Individuals who have not consented to treatment will be unable to join DBT Clinic's programs.